Koh Samui is a Thai Restaurant on Princess Street in Manchester

Koh Samui

We opened our doors to Manchester diners in May 1999 and have served consistently high-quality Thai food ever since. Our menu combines dishes from the central and southern regions, and as you might expect from a restaurant named after one of Thailand's most beautiful islaínds, we specialize in fish and seafood.

Koh Samui is situated just outside Chinatown at sub-basement level on Princess Street. The restaurant is spacious and airy with a colonial feel complemented by Thai artefacts. Here at Koh Samui we cater for all types of customer and our Thai staff will be on hand to help the uninitiated savour the delights of Thai cuisine.

The restaurant has a lovely ambiance and is possibly the most relaxed place to eat and drink in Manchester. We have totally authentic Thai Cuisine and the owner is from Koh Samui itself, so she can be relied upon to provide you with a fantastic Thai cul

inary experience. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Review From 'The Independent' 4.03.06

Koh Samui
Manchester's best Thai restaurant (on a site that's been Thai for as long as anyone can recall) has to have morning glory on its menu. This doesn't disappoint. Strong on seafood, but good for veggies - pomelo salad comes with or without king prawns.