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Koh Samui is a Thai Restaurant on Princess Street in Manchester

Koh Samui Specials & Updates

Daytime Lunch Special - 2 courses for £9

Mon - Fri, 12 - 5.30pm


Choice of:
Chicken Satay
Chicken in Pandanus Leaf
Chicken Spring Rolls
Duck Spring Roll
Garlic Fried Spare Ribs
Five Spice Spare Ribs
Rew Wine & Brandy Sauce Spare Ribs
Spicy Thai Fishcakes
Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken, Beef or Crispy Duck
King Prawn Toasties (£3.00 Extra)
King Prawn Spring Rolls (£3.00 Extra)
Deep Fried Seafood & Vegetables in Tempura Batter (£3.00 Extra)
Deep Fried King Prawn Wonton (£3.00 Extra)
Spicy Thai Salad with King Prawn or Seafood(£3.00 Extra)
Steamed Mussels with Thai Herbs (£3.00 Extra)
Pan Fried Crispy Mussels (£3.00 Extra)
Pan Fried Crispy Scallops(£3.00 Extra)


Hot & Sour (Tom-Yum) Chicken Soup
Hot & Sour (Tom-Yum) King Prawn or Seafood Soup (£3.00 extra)
Chicken in Coconut Cream (Tom-Kha) Soup
King prawn or Seafood in Coconut Cream (Tom-Kha) Soup (£3.00 extra)


Choose from a selection of meat & poultry:
Chicken / Duck / Pork / Beef / Crispy Belly Pork
King Prawn / Seafood / Seabass (£5.00 extra)

Thai Red Curry
Thai Green Curry
Southern Mild Yellow Curry
Thai Massaman Curry
Thai Hot Thick Red Curry
Dry Red Curry
Thai Style Garlic Fried
Stir - Fried with Chilli & Holy Basil
Stir - Fried with Cashew Nuts
Tri - Flavoured
Stir - Fried with Ginger
Sweet & Sour
Roast Duck in Tamarind Sauce
Chicken or Pork in Red Wine & Brandy Sauce
Drunk's Cure (Extremely Spicy)

All served with Thai Steamed Rice or Egg Fried Rice

Special Main Courses

Choose from a selection of meat & poultry:
Chicken/ Duck/ Pork/ Beef/ Crispy Belly Pork (£3.00 extra)
King Prawn/ Seafood/ Seabass (£5.00 extra)

Red Curry Noodles (Khao Soi)
Thai Fried Noodle (Phad-Thai)
Thai Fried Noodles in Dark Soy Sauce
Stir-Fried Thick Noodle Drunk's Cure (Extremely Spicy)
Stir-Fried Vermicelli
Thai Fried Rice
Fried Rice with Chilli & Holy Basil
Pineapple Fried Rice
Baked Tiger Prawn in Oyster Sauce



A Choice of
Mixed Vegetable Parcels
Vegetables Spring Rolls
Vegetables in Tempura Batter
Vegetables Toasties
Vegetables Salad
Sweet Corn Cakes
Deep Fried Crispy Bean Curd
Hot & Sour Vegetables Soup
Vegetables in Coconut Cream Soup


A Choice of
Mixed Vegetables Red Curry
Mixed Vegetables Green Curry
Potatoes & Vegetables Yellow Curry
Potatoes & Vegetables Massaman Curry
Vegetables & Bean Curds Hot Thick Red Curry
Aubergine with Chilli & Holy Basil
Sweet & Sour Vegetables & Fried Beancurd
Beancurd with Ginger & Spring Onions
Stir - Fried Mixed Vegetables
Thai Fried Noodle with Beancurd & Vegetables (£3.00 extra)
Thai Fried Noodle with Vegetables in Dark Soy Sauce (£3.00 extra)
Stir - Fried Thick Noodle Drunk's Cure with Vegetables (£3.00 extra)

All served with Thai Steamed Rice or Egg Fried Rice

Private Dining

For parties of 15 or more, we can cater for private dining. So, whether it's a birthday or anniversary, business connected or anything else, look no further for a fine culinary experience and a warm welcome.

Please be aware that this facility may not be available 365 days a year, due to seasonal and other circumstances.